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Stunning video created using Kinect

  •   Fri 11 February 2011
  •   Gaming

Moullinex created this beautiful video using consumer software and a Kinect. Can your PS Move do this?

Here is an article on Kotaku detailing how it was done.

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Black Ops - First Strike first impressions

  •   Thu 03 February 2011
  •   Gaming

I spent some time in Combat Training last night with my brothers-in-law to orient myself on the 4 new maps that are part of the 1200MS point First Strike pack. Here are my first impressions


The first map we tried was Kowloon, and as a team death match map …

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"I hear him crying sometimes, he sounds just like a malfunctioning air conditioner"

  •   Thu 03 February 2011
  •   Gaming
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Site migration

  •   Mon 13 February 2017
  •   General

So after a few years of neglect, I realised that I only ever come on here to update Wordpress, and with the recent remote code exec vulnerability doing the rounds, I figured it was time to move over to a nice static site with absolutly zero dyanmic content for the …

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Virgin Media TiVo Review

Now that I've got that rant off my chest it's time for my Virgin Media TiVo review.

We've had it in for 2 weeks now so I'm pretty sure that I've got to grips with the way they system works and can give it a fair review. If you've ever …

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GU10 4W 5050 SMD 20 Super Bright LED

My replacement LED bulb came on Friday, and I've had it installed for a few days to see what it's like.

image0It it brighter than the LED that it replaced, but even at 4W it's still not as bright as the 50W Halogen that was there. I'm not sure at …

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Samsung n220 netbook running Ubuntu Netbook Edition

I've made my mind up about the travel netbook and gone for the Samsung n220 with the long battery life.

First Impressions

It's small, light and good looking; everything you need in a netbook. Running Windows 7 Home Starter with only 1GB of RAM is not a good idea. It …

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Why I'm Leaving Facebook


Social data is being weaponised, and I'll have no more to do with it

What has happened?

Last night Channel 4 aired a documentary showing the inner workings of the social media influence platform Cambridge Analytica. If you have 20 minuets to spare I suggest you go and give …

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Watch out for wireless technologies

This is a cross post of a blog article I wrote at

Common risk assessment blind spots

Wireless technologies have become commonplace in the last few decades, everything with a battery seems to have an IP stack and an antenna. Ubiquitous connectivity allows us access to  the whole …

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The Method of Loci

buckinghamIn my earlier post I mentioned that I was studying for my PA-DSS exam and that I was using a memory palace technique to commit the standard to memory prior to the exam. I'll find out in a couple of weeks whether it actually helped as the exam didn't actually …

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  •   Fri 15 March 2013
  •   Random

I'll preface this post with a warning that it is 99% technical content-free. If you want to follow me on a trip down memory lane to the early 90's then grab your walkman, put on your shell suit and let's do this!

Let's have a drink

A friend who I …

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Hunting Zebras (or how a toothbrush made me feel dumb)

  •   Mon 20 August 2012
  •   Random

Anyone who follows me to Twitter will probably remember that I've had some issues with my Samsung Galaxy S2 ever since I upgraded from 2.6  Froyo to 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. There are many posts in forums all about the battery and stability issues that have plagued …

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Orange UK APN settings for Android WiFi hotspot

  •   Fri 10 December 2010
  •   Random
From the APN selection screen select Consumer Broadband
Change the APN from consumerbroadband to orangeinternet

Change the Username from <Not> to Orange

Change the Password from <Not> to Multimedia

NOTE: use the same capitalisation as above

Authentication type should be CHAP

Save the settings.

Credit to the android forums

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Why I left Sky TV

  •   Thu 01 September 2011
  •   Rant

For most of the 10 years that we've been in our house we were Sky customers, having been exposed to Virgin's old analogue cable service at my parents house before that we decided that satellite was the way for us. However, as everyone knows, ADSL broadband sucks. It sucks hard …

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Google+ and Google Apps Customers - A Rant

  •   Fri 22 July 2011
  •   Rant

Google, hey Google.... could you come over here for just one second? Cool.

OK Google. W.T.F? Seriously though W.T.F?

You've launched Google+ to great fanfare, you've got your eyes on facebook like it's the most popular guy at school and you'd just like a little bit …

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Ubuntu is trying my patience

  •   Fri 17 December 2010
  •   Rant

Maybe it's because I'm trying to do "power user" stuff, but Ubuntu and my HP laptop are not giving me an easy time.

Problem the first:

Randomly on boot my HP Laptop will decide that when it is docked it will not enable the wired network connection. The only fix …

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My First Dictionary

I may have to add this guy to my reading list.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="359" caption="Todays word is Lid"]Todays word is Lid[/caption]

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