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Why I left Sky TV

  •   Thu 01 September 2011
  •   Rant

For most of the 10 years that we've been in our house we were Sky customers, having been exposed to Virgin's old analogue cable service at my parents house before that we decided that satellite was the way for us. However, as everyone knows, ADSL broadband sucks. It sucks hard …

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Google+ and Google Apps Customers - A Rant

  •   Fri 22 July 2011
  •   Rant

Google, hey Google.... could you come over here for just one second? Cool.

OK Google. W.T.F? Seriously though W.T.F?

You've launched Google+ to great fanfare, you've got your eyes on facebook like it's the most popular guy at school and you'd just like a little bit …

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Ubuntu is trying my patience

  •   Fri 17 December 2010
  •   Rant

Maybe it's because I'm trying to do "power user" stuff, but Ubuntu and my HP laptop are not giving me an easy time.

Problem the first:

Randomly on boot my HP Laptop will decide that when it is docked it will not enable the wired network connection. The only fix …

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