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  •   Fri 15 March 2013
  •   Random

I'll preface this post with a warning that it is 99% technical content-free. If you want to follow me on a trip down memory lane to the early 90's then grab your walkman, put on your shell suit and let's do this!

Let's have a drink

A friend who I …

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Hunting Zebras (or how a toothbrush made me feel dumb)

  •   Mon 20 August 2012
  •   Random

Anyone who follows me to Twitter will probably remember that I've had some issues with my Samsung Galaxy S2 ever since I upgraded from 2.6  Froyo to 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. There are many posts in forums all about the battery and stability issues that have plagued …

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Orange UK APN settings for Android WiFi hotspot

  •   Fri 10 December 2010
  •   Random
From the APN selection screen select Consumer Broadband
Change the APN from consumerbroadband to orangeinternet

Change the Username from <Not> to Orange

Change the Password from <Not> to Multimedia

NOTE: use the same capitalisation as above

Authentication type should be CHAP

Save the settings.

Credit to the android forums

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