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GU10 4W 5050 SMD 20 Super Bright LED

My replacement LED bulb came on Friday, and I've had it installed for a few days to see what it's like.

image0It it brighter than the LED that it replaced, but even at 4W it's still not as bright as the 50W Halogen that was there. I'm not sure at this point if it is because it's being compared directly with the (at this point) 4 50W Halogens that are still in the fitting, and that if I were to replace all of them then I could get away with the amount of light that it puts out. Either way, all of the LED bulbs that I have tried are orders of magnitude brighter than the first generation LED bulbs that first came out, and are certainly worth looking at.

I'm thinking that my issue might be due to the viewing angle of the bulbs. The standard GU10's are made up of a single filament with a reflector and a viewing angle of about 54 degrees. The bulb I just put in has a viewing angle of 120 degrees as they are surface mounted devices, and I think that the power that I am getting from the bulb is being defused over to wide an area. So, *now* I'm looking at the GU10 4x1W Warm White LED with a viewing angle of 30 degrees. At this point the speculating on bulbs is going to have to stop, do I try one more?

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