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Orange UK APN settings for Android WiFi hotspot

  •   Fri 10 December 2010
  •   Random
From the APN selection screen select Consumer Broadband
Change the APN from consumerbroadband to orangeinternet

Change the Username from <Not> to Orange

Change the Password from <Not> to Multimedia

NOTE: use the same capitalisation as above

Authentication type should be CHAP

Save the settings.

Credit to the android forums

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Portal Gets Broken In The World's Fastest Speed Run

  •   Fri 10 December 2010
  •   Gaming

Portal Gets Broken In The World's Fastest Speed Run.

Some people have way too much time on their hands. He even gets into the cake room.

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Next milestone - Pass my GPEN exam

  •   Wed 08 December 2010
  •   InfoSec

I've just got back home from SANS London 2010 and I need to start swatting up for my GPEN exam. I've always said to myself that I'll take the exam in late January or early February but it always ends up being the week before the deadline expires. NO MORE …

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You are in a dark room, the exits are N, S, E, W

  •   Wed 08 December 2010
  •   Gaming

OK, so why am I here? I've been in IT for as long as I can remember, at least 26 years if you count messing around with my C64, and I figured why not get my own domain name and set up shop on the tubes?

By day I am …

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