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  •   Wed 08 December 2010
  •   Gaming

OK, so why am I here? I've been in IT for as long as I can remember, at least 26 years if you count messing around with my C64, and I figured why not get my own domain name and set up shop on the tubes?

By day I am a security analyst working for a large European utility, and by night I fight crime on the mean streets of Gotham, aided by the stalwart commisioner Go..... no, wait, that's Batman. By night I'm a husband, father, cook and family tech support hotline. When I have some free time you might see me on the xbox playing the fps of the hour with my colleagues and family.

So why am I here again? I'm setting up shop here to help organise my thoughts and structure my growth as an InfoSec professional. Building on what I learn on the job, through training that I get at SANS and the interaction with the luminaries of the InfoSec world that I managed to corner at cons (I'm looking at you Tomaz Miklas and Chris John Riley :-) ) So expect a mixture of postings about the stuff I'm trying to learn at any point in time and the pain that it is putting me through ( WHY WONT YOU COMPILE DAMNIT! ), and random comments about gaming from when I have the time to do any.

Finally I'd like to add that I'm learning this whole domain hosting/wordpress/blogging shtick as I go, so expect plenty of errors, problems, design changes etc. along the way.

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