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GU10 48 SMD warm white LED mini review

My GU10 48 SMD warm white LED arrived yesterday and I quickly installed it in my Kitchen halogen light fitting to see how it did.

image0The colour temperature is defiantly closer to the original halogen that it replaced, I certainly can't fault it in that regard. However it is defiantly less bright that the 50W that it replaced. I would put it as being slightly less bright that the GU10 3 x 1W day white that I tried first. If you are looking for mood lighting then this would be ideal, but as it was illuminating a kitchen work surface I need something a little meatier. I don't fancy loosing a finger!

I emailed brightlightz about this and they quickly got back to me. Even thought I didn't solicit their advise before buying they apologised, which was really not needed, and offered to replace it with a GU10 4W 5050 SMD 20  Super Bright Warm White bulb.

image1I'm making the arrangements to get the old one sent back, and then give this one a whirl. I also found out that my bathroom and toilet run on a 12v transformer, so I need to find out if the MR16 they sell would be a suitable replacement.

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