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Site migration

  •   Mon 13 February 2017
  •   General

So after a few years of neglect, I realised that I only ever come on here to update Wordpress, and with the recent remote code exec vulnerability doing the rounds, I figured it was time to move over to a nice static site with absolutly zero dyanmic content for the …

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Watch out for wireless technologies

This is a cross post of a blog article I wrote at

Common risk assessment blind spots

Wireless technologies have become commonplace in the last few decades, everything with a battery seems to have an IP stack and an antenna. Ubiquitous connectivity allows us access to  the whole …

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  •   Fri 15 March 2013
  •   Random

I'll preface this post with a warning that it is 99% technical content-free. If you want to follow me on a trip down memory lane to the early 90's then grab your walkman, put on your shell suit and let's do this!

Let's have a drink

A friend who I …

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