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Wireless auditing shopping list part 2

  •   Tue 25 January 2011
  •   InfoSec

Based on some feedback I got from the GIAC Advisory board the current list is as follows:

1 x Samsung NC10 netbook(Not the PLUS - V important as the the plus does not have an atheros chipset)

This will run backtrack Linux with the Linux based audition tools

3 x Spare batteries for the above to give enough battery life to complete a large floor walk.

1 x Samsung Q210 laptop

This will run Windows for the windows based tools and also provide more power for the directional antennas, as well as being a platform for a second auditor.

3 x Spare batteries for the above.

3 x Alfa [STRIKEOUT:AWUS051NH]AWUS036NH to cover channels 1 6 and 11 in the 2.4GHz range. These cards will also channel hop through the entire 2.4 and 5GHz spectrum to make sure we are capturing [STRIKEOUT:all] most 802.11 frequencies and standards ([STRIKEOUT:a/]b/g/n). These cards also come with a 5dBi omni directional antenna and depending on supplier a 7dBi 180 degree panel antenna each.

If not supplied with the card we will also need.. 3 x mounting brackets for the Alfa cards to mount to the auditing laptop.

1 x Wi-Spy 2.4 pro frequency analyser, to troubleshoot interference issues and denial of service attacks caused by non-wifi equipment operating in the 2.4GHZ band.

1 x 2.4GHz YAGI directional antenna

1 x 5 GHz YAGI directional antenna.

2 -3 x RP-SMA to (undefined at present) pigtail cables to connect the YAGI antennas to the Alfa cards if the YAGI's do not have RP-SMA connectors.

2 x USB GPS puck, for external auditing.

1 x Canvas shoulder bag to store the equipment when not in use, and to hold the laptop or netbook when conducting an exterior wireless audit.

Where I am stuck at the moment is sourcing the correct Antennas in the UK. Can anyone recommend a good supplier? Hopefully my budget will be released soon so I can start playing.


Thanks to @tomazmiklas for suggesting the AirView2 as an alternative to the Wi-Spy.

Thanks to @killickrp for pointing me in the direction of as a supplier for 2.4GHz YAGI antennas.

5GHz YAGI antennas seem to be really rare, is this a function of the use of MIMO in 802.11n? More research needed I think. I have located 5GHz grid antennas at that certainly look like they have the range and beamwidth do to what I need. Plus they look BAD ASS ;-).


@joswr1ght has pointed out that the AWUS051NH does not work in BT4. Although it has all of the features I need, unless I want to start developing Linux drivers for it I am out of luck. The consensus seems to be that the AWUS036NH would be the ideal card to replace it as it covers everything apart from 802.11a. Just need to find something that will cover that band now.

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