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Back to work, and an interesting wordpress issue

  •   Mon 10 January 2011
  •   InfoSec

It's my first day back to work after the holidays, and with a 2 year old potty training and a 4 month old teething it actually feels like a bit of a break :-) My GPEN is getting closer and I really need to hit the books soon, but before that I need to figure out something odd that I found in my comments this morning.

I logged in to do the update to Wordpress 3.0.4 and noticed that Akismet had flagged a comment as spam. Not unusual you might think, that is it's job after all. The interesting thing is that I have set Wordpress to only allow registered users to post comments, and that all comments must be moderated by me before they can be posted. I also have ReCAPCHA installed to stop spam bots

As I am currently one of the, er, least popular sites on the tubes I only have one registered user - me. I have not had any emails telling me that someone would like to register an account, no comments have be sent to me for moderation either. The username that this comment comes from is apparently "fishermansenemy" a mis-capitalised version of my display name, and the "website" link for the user is an IP that goes to a pharma spam site.

Comment authentication bypass is not an issue I was aware existed in 3.0.3 so I am puzzled as to how this comment got as far as it did. I have reached out to the much more talented colleagues of mine in the security community and hopefully I can chase this down. It will certainly be a learning exercise if nothing else. Thanks spammers for my first introduction to web application security.

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